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Cancer (continued)









Lymphoma (non-Hodgkins and Hodgkins, Mantel Cell)









Squamous Cell Carcinoma





Cardiovascular Diseases

Pulmonary Diseases


Congestive Heart Failure






High Blood Pressure









Auto Immune Diseases

Infectious Diseases


ALS (Lou Gehrig's)

Lyme Disease






Epstein Barr Virus





Multiple Sclerosis



Rheumatoid Arthritis






Disglycemia Diseases

Neurological Diseases












Breast Cancer Success Story. In February 2001, at the age of 46, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I went to see Steve Hines and immediately started following his recommendations. I spent 2 months at the Hope Clinic in Acuna, Mexico taking IV treatments. I began the Hallelujah diet, had all of my amalgams removed and root canals pulled and started oral supplementation. In April 2001, I had the lump surgically removed (no lymph nodes taken), and the pathology report came back saying it was necrotic tissue with some center multiplying cells. The margins were clean and clear and the lump was easy to remove. I continued with AMAS tests, and according to the last test in March 2005 I have NO cancer in my body. I have continued the diet and specific supplements and feel 20 yrs younger than I did the day I was diagnosed.

Debbie Olive
San Angelo, Texas



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Diagnosis: Stage 4 Kidney Cancer

Age in 2010: 65

Sex: Male

Occupation: US Administrative Law Judge

Prior Treatments: None


Hope Wellness Center Treatments


Start Date: 2-1-2010

Weeks in Treatment: 10

Therapies: IV, Diet Modifications, Magnetic therapies

Results: Cancer appears to be static and/or in remission at this time


Would you recommend this facility and/or procedure again? Yes


DG Florence, AL



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In December 2002, my wife passed away suddenly. As I began the healing process, things seemed normal, until June 2003 when I passed out one night and was taken to the hospital. I was diagnosed with a lymphoma tumor in my stomach. For the next 5 months, I underwent chemotherapy. Thankfully, this eliminated the tumor, but it also destroyed my immune system.

In January 2004, I met a lady that worked in a health food store where Steve Hines came to see patients. She arranged for me to see Steve in April 2004. At that appointment, the doctor determined that I had some serious problems which needed to be addressed immediately. He started me on a program of vitamins and supplements and arranged for me to have some treatments done at Dr. Rivera's clinic in Mexico. In June 2004, I went to Hope Clinic and received treatment for 5 weeks. Within 4 months, my white blood count was back to normal.

In November 2004, the lady at the health food store, Carolyn, and I were married. I was feeling so good that I came out of retirement and began working with Carolyn at the health food store. My life has taken a dramatic, positive change, and for that I am thankful to God and to Steve.

Ken Gober
Brownwood, Texas


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-  Melanoma


This email is for Steve and Dr. Rivera, and Dr. Dalton, Nadia, and everyone associated with Hope Wellness.  Billy & I just arrived home from MD Anderson in Houston.  I won't ever be able to put into words what we experienced this week. I have managed to postpone going back to MDA for over a year. This was no small feat, since Billy seemed anxious to have scans etc. done there again. I'm not sure that anyone other than the person who is battling the diseases can understand the "why" in having diagnostic tests ran and what they need to know in having these done?

Well..I promised in the subject line...this was GREAT.  I will forward copies of the transcribed radiology reports as soon as MDA makes them available to us.  For now, all I can tell everyone is that Billy's Melanoma Dr. was absolutely overwhelmed when she  saw Billy. We haven't gone to MDA  since Oct. of 2011. Dr. Hwo said that Billy looked so good that if she hadn't been his Dr. for the past 2 years and known his medical condition she wouldn't have ever known he was ill!  She told us that his CT scans of  thorax & pelvis were fabulous. His MRI on his brain showed no changes (I'm assuming she meant relating to cancer)and that  all of his tests were very good news.

Dr. Hwo actually pulled up Billy's CT scans and showed us the comparisons to the ones done prior to his treatment in Mexico.  She was most impressed with the weight loss and wanted to know what he was doing to lose the weight? We told her that he was not consuming carbohydrates and sugars. She asked why he decided to do this, and Billy told her that we knew the sugars fed the cancer. She didn't respond to our answer at all. It was all we could do to withold an entire conversation that we  know we'll get to have someday with MD Anderson. That conversation will give credit where credit is LONG OVERDUE.  Billy wouldn't be here now if it weren't for all of YOU.

We are extremely grateful that God led us to Mexico. It is very difficult for us now when we enter the facilities in Houston. Just knowing the amount of trust and money that is given to these places and what the outcome for most of the patients may be. I wish there was something that Billy & I could do to make changes for others walking this path. We promise that we'll never miss an opportunity to tell someone what you've done for him. It is amazing to get  such a positive report for Billy. For the past 2 years every visit to Houston revealed more and more bad news in the rapid growth of such a deadly cancer- and today Billy feels positive and strong. Thank you. Really and sincerely..THANK do you ever say this when it's such a strong emotional feeling that the words don't express it enough.


God Bless each of you for all you do. Don't ever stop because people like me & Billy need you all so much.


With all of our Love,

Billy & Beth Turnbow


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It is safe to say that if I had not been referred to Steve Hines I would not be alive today. I was diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer and was given 3-5 years to live. I started conventional treatment but found the side effects intolerable. Eventually, I heard of an alternative MD in relatively close proximity to my home in Florida. He believed I needed more intensive treatment than he could offer and referred me to Steve. Within a few weeks I had obtained the recommended tests and was on my way to Texas. I spent ten weeks at Hope Clinic during the summer of 2002 and the results have been well worth it. My PSA¹s now range between 0.0-0.4, I feel well (at 79 years of age) and I am now eight years post-diagnosis. So much for the initial prognosis! Steve is one of a kind and I¹m glad I found him.

Kenneth M. Prickett
Titusville, Florida


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 Auto Immune  

Multiple Sclerosis


I arrived at Hope Clinic in January of 2004 barely able to walk and very frightened. I had been diagnosed only four days earlier with MS but, at that point, had been ill for one month. Fortunately for me I knew of Steve Hines as my father had been successfully treated at Hope Clinic for an aggressive prostate cancer a couple years earlier. I called Steve and he recommended several tests. Most importantly, he recommended assessment for heavy metal toxicity. My levels of mercury were very high and all of my symptoms, I later realized, were symptoms of mercury poisoning. I traveled from Florida to Del Rio as I knew I had to initiate aggressive treatment. During my first week I went from being so weak that I could barely stand to feeling like a human again. I improved over my six-week stay and have followed a program outlined by Steve since then. My recovery has continued and I am now nearly symptom free. I fully expect complete recovery. It has been slow but reasonably steady progress. As a clinical psychologist, acupuncturist and classical homeopath, I know something about healing. I am grateful that God led my father and me to such a compassionate and effective healer.

Dr. Jeffrey L. Prickett, Psy.D., A.P.
Winter Park, Florida


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First and foremost, I must give glory and praise to God for bringing me to Steve Hines. I am nearly 63 years old. In 1995, I began to have violent reactions to MSG and would go into anaphylactic shock. My medical doctor, at the time, said I had MSG poisoning. I kept having more and more attacks, and it got to where my doctor would not return any of my calls. Most prescription and non-prescription drugs have some derivative of MSG in them, so no doctor could help me because I couldn’t take the drugs they would prescribe. I kept praying to God to please help me find someone to help me as I was having more and more problems in my intestinal area. I had a blood test by a P.A. and found out that I had Lupus. I was losing weight extremely fast and eating all I could without MSG, no processed foods at all. Also, I had no energy at all, literally, and I looked like death warmed over. One day I found a set of tapes called Hope for the Hopeless and it listed Lupus and other immune disorders, by Steven Hines, N.D. I ended up getting a blood test analysis from him and he found all kinds of intestinal problems, this was January 2002. He recommended probiotics and other regiments. By August 2002, I had stopped losing weight and feeling like I had turned the corner. We have since found out I have Lyme disease, and with all of Steve's recommendations, including chelation therapy with Dr. Kenneth O’Neal, I am a new woman. I have gained 12-15 pounds back of the 35 I lost. I am eating all organic and have more energy that I have had in 10 years. Thanks to God and Steve, I'm now disease free!

Patti W. 


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-  Emphysema


My husband is 65 and I really didn't think he would see 66. After years of battling emphysema, he was hardly able to do anything without gasping for breath. Hollis had smoked for many years. It seemed like the damage was done and there was nothing traditional medicine could do. My son called to tell me about this clinic across the border in Mexico that had helped people with all sorts of diseases, and he wanted us to try it. I told him thanks but there's no way Hollis is going to trust someone in Mexico. My son was so persistent( very) and eventually he convinced us to at least go and meet the doctor. I must say we were pleasantly surprised. The doctor was very nice and seemed to be very knowledgeable. We made an appointment the next day. After the first treatment, we headed back across the border. Before we got home (about 20 miles) Hollis began to comment about how good he was feeling. After 2 or 3 more treatments he was like a new man. It is a miracle. After a couple of weeks of treatments, Hollis bean to cough up a dark phlegm-looking substance. We're not sure, but we think it is from 40+ years of smoking. He quit smoking and September of 1990 it has been 8 years since he smoked! Hardly a day goes by that I don't tell someone about our miracle. Praise God!

-Martha & Hollis Rogers
Del Rio, Texas


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 Infectious Disease  

- Lyme Disease


For several years, my energy level had been declining, until it reached the point that I was barely able to get out of bed in the mornings. Shooting pains throughout my body would wake me out of a sound sleep. Every muscle in my body ached. On the weekends, I slept around the clock just to be able to make it through the week. I was depressed and thought I would soon die. I assumed that my age and my many pastoral duties were the cause of the rapid decline. I was getting worse at an alarming degree.

Thankfully, God heard my cry for healing. Through Ken and Carolyn Gober's health food store in Brownwood, TX, I found Steve Hines. He suspected the bacteria that causes Lyme disease may be responsible for my symptoms which was later confirmed. After only one month of following Steve's recommendations of natural vitamins, herbs, minerals, liver cleanses, and a healthy diet, I began to feel like a new man. I had one visit to Hope Clinic in Mexico which had wonderful results. I was shocked at how quickly I was improving. After only two months, my strength returned, the shooting pains stopped, my body aches ceased, my blood pressure dropped, the depression left, and my sleep pattern went back to normal. I am thankful that God has many ways of healing. I am confident that He led me to Hope.

Jack Ruth, age 65
Brownwood, Texas


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   Life stopped suddenly on June 16, 2001. The day before, I was a healthy, energetic, newly-married 23-year-old in the midst of completing a graduate degree. But this day, I was a patient in an emergency room, writhing in pain, as one by one, every joint in my body locked stiffly in its place. Over the next year, my symptoms multiplied. My muscles and joints were always stiff with sharp pain. My nerves burned. I had extreme fatigue. My memory began to fade, and I could not concentrate on the simplest tasks. I was depressed. I visited doctor after doctor, with each diagnosis ranging from “it’s all in your head,” to “you have a lifelong chronic disease.” All along, I knew the truth. I had Lyme disease. And I was not willing to give up.

After a year of struggles, I found a doctor who specialized in nutritional therapy. He introduced me to the world of vitamin supplementation and healthy diet. He took me off sugar, the food of Lyme bacteria, and helped me to regain much of my health. But 7 months later, I had a relapse and was back to square one. Following the doctor’s protocol, I was able to regain some strength and ease some pain, but I was still quite unhealthy and limited in what I could do.

I met Steve Hines in March 2005, and he immediately began to fill in the gaps that my previous treatment was missing.  After a mere four days of taking the supplements he recommended and adhering to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet he prescribed, my joint pain was gone. I spent four weeks at Hope Clinic with Dr. Rivera where he continued to work on my muscle pain, energy level, and digestive difficulties, all with remarkable results. Thanks to God and Steve, I know I have the power to beat this disease, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

San Angelo, Texas

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 My story began about 14 years ago when I started losing coordination in my legs and started feeling a sense of spasticity. The first doctor diagnosed me with Cerebral Palsy, even though I wasn’t born with any symptoms other than being “pigeon-toed.” As my legs grew worse, I was forced to take an early retirement from the military. After serving active duty in the Air Force for 5 years, I had served in the Guard for almost 15 years. I also had worked inspecting fire systems, and had my own landscaping company. Suddenly, my legs were shutting down on me and even walking across the room became difficult.

The next neurologist diagnosed me with genetic spastic paraparesis. Since I had no family history of any neurological disorder, I could not understand how this was genetic. The doctor’s response was that it had to start with someone. I guess I was the lucky one.

My wife and I could not accept this diagnosis, and we were referred to “the best neurologist” in town. He tested me for MS, ALS, and a variety of other diseases – except Lyme disease. We were referred to the University of Michigan for further tests. No one could find anything wrong. So again, the doctors fell back on genetic spastic paraparesis. No one would even test for Lyme disease.

We still kept looking for answers. “Coincidently,” my wife was working a horse show one week, where we met some new friends who had a booth across from ours. They told us about Steve Hines and Hope clinic in Mexico. He called Steve right then and there, and I spoke with Steve (not a receptionist), for almost 45 minutes. He wanted to see me at once. God arranged for a couple that my wife knew from her work to finance the trip. They had simply heard about it in conversation and called to say they wanted to finance the trip! It was only what could be described as “ordained.”

I arrived at the clinic, a passenger in a wheel chair. At the end of 6 weeks, I was pushing the wheel chair, and I have never sat in the wheel chair again. I still have my cane as a reminder of everything that God, Steve, good friends, and a lot of prayer have done for me.

My life has completely changed because my wife happened to work a horse show and happened to be across from wonderful people who happened to know of Steve. Do not speak to me of coincidences. God is in control, and there are answers beyond conventional medicine, if you will only look!

Scott Hackney
Culleoka, Tennessee

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